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Models made of acrylic glass for over-head projectors

This comprehensive collection of about 180 models of planar mechanisms is located in the rooms of the professorship and primarily used for teaching. The models are driven manually, designed for use on an over-head projector.

During lectures, the mechanisms path of motions can be shown, thus illustrating its properties. The models were designed and built under the direction of professor Volmer between 1958 and 1977.

The idea of projecting models on the wall during lectures originated from professor Volmer. In this way the models could be presented to the steadily increasing number of students simultaneously even in larger auditoriums. The widespread use of over-head projectors in the late seventies/early eighties gave these models their break.

All models of this collection are in very good condition and fully operative. The colors of the links mean the following:
  • Red - Input link
  • Blue - Floating link
  • Yellow - Output link
  • Transparent - Frame
All items of this collection (73)


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