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Evans, Oliver (1755 - 1819)

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American engineer

Evans invented a mechanism which produced an almost linear movement. He became known as the inventor of various practical machines. So he designed a traction engine, built a high pressure steam engine and invented an automatic flour mill. Latter became an American standard, which lasted for several generations and can be described as one of the first fully automated production lines. Evans is also referred to as the "American watt".
variant spelling:
Evans, Oliver
Curriculum vitae  
* 13.09.1755 bei Newport born
1785 Red Clay Creek Builder of an automatic flour mill
1789 New York Patent for a high pressure steam engine
1801 Philadelphia Builder of a stationary high pressure steam engine to power a lime mill
1804 Philadelphia Builder of a mobile steam engine as a drive for an amphibious excavator
1807 Philadelphia Founder of the "Mars Iron Works"
1811 Pittsburg Founder of a factory for steam engines
1817 Builder of a 24-horsepower high-pressure steam engine
† 15.04.1819 New York died
Industrial Revolution, ca. 1780-1850
no fulltext found The abortion of the young steam engineer's guide ; containing an investigation of the principles, construction and powers of steam engines. ... Illustrated with five engravings
Author: Evans, Oliver
Published: 1805
thumbnail of2585009 The Young Mill-wright & Miller's Guide ; in five parts, embellished with twenty five plates.
Author: Evans, Oliver
Published: 1834
Secondary literature
thumbnail of985009 Studienmaterial zur Vorlesung Geschichte der Technikwissenschaften/Maschinenwesen: Von den Anfängen bis zur Herausbildungsperiode (1850)
Author: Mauersberger, Klaus
Published: 1983
no fulltext found Die Maschine ; Geschichte, Elemente, Funktion ; ein enzyklopädisches Sachbuch
Author: Strandh, Sigvard
Published: 1992
no fulltext found Kinematics of mechanisms from the time of Watt
Author: Ferguson, Eugene S.
Published: 1962
no fulltext found Oliver Evans : a chronicle of early American engineering
Author: Bathe, Dorothy; Bathe, Greville
Published: 1935
no fulltext found The Mind's Eye - Nonverbal Thought in Technology, in: Science
Author: Ferguson, Eugene S.
Published: 1977
no fulltext found Wer - Was - Wann? Entdeckungen und Erfindungen in Naturwissenschaft und Technik.
Author: Conrad, Walter (Ed.)
Published: 1989
no fulltext found Oliver Evans, Inventive Genius of the American Industrial Revolution
Author: Ferguson, Eugene S.
Published: 1980
no fulltext found Oliver Evans, America's first automobile maker and driver ; born in Newport, Delaware in 1755
Author: Mortenson, Carl Walter
Published: 1984
Evans, Oliver (1755 - 1819)
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