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Kinematics of mechanisms from the time of Watt

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General information

Author Ferguson, Eugene S.
Published  Smithsonian Inst., Washington, DC, 1962
Extend  S. 186 - 230
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Persons: Béthencourt y Molina, Augustin de (1758 - 1824)
Čebyšev, Pafnutij L. (1821 - 1894)
Kennedy, Alexander Blackie William (1847 - 1928)
Rankine, William John Macquorn (1820 - 1872)
Redtenbacher, Ferdinand (1809 - 1863)
Reuleaux, Franz (1829 - 1905)
Willis, Robert (1800 - 1875)
Lanz, José María/de (1764 - 1839)
Ampère, André-Marie (1775 - 1836)
Cartwright, Edmund (1743 - 1823)
Coriolis, Gaspard (1792 - 1843)
Kempe, Alfred Bray (1849 - 1922)
Peaucellier, Charles Nicholas (1832 - 1913)
Sylvester, James Joseph (1814 - 1897)
Watt, James (1736 - 1819)
Denavit, Jaques (1930 - )
Aronhold, Siegfried (1819 - 1884)
Muirhead, James Patrick (1813 - 1898)
Borgnis, Giuseppe Antonio (1781 - 1863)
Evans, Oliver (1755 - 1819)
Laboulaye, Charles Pierre Lefebvre (1813 - 1886)
Documents: A manual of machinery and millwork
Essai Sur La Philosophie Des Sciences, Ou Exposition Analytique D'Une Classification Naturelle De Toutes Les Connaissances Humaines
Essai sur la composition des machines
Analytical essay on the construction of machines
Traité de la mécanique des corps solides et du calcul de l'effet des machines
How to draw a straight line
The Berlin Kinematic Models
The Mechanics of Machinery
The kinematics of machinery
On Recent Discoveries in Mechanical Conversion of Motion
On the Teeth of Wheels
A System of Apparatus for the Use of Lecturers and Experimenters in Mechanical Philosophy.Especially in those branches which are connected with mechanism
Complex Numbers and Four-Bar Linkages
Systematic Mechanics, Design.
Kinematic Synthesis... What it's All About
Five hundred and seven mechanical movements, embracing all those which are most important in dynamics, hydraulics, hydrostatics, pneumatics, steam engines, mill and other gearing ...
Note sur une question de geometrie de compas
The origin and progress of the mechanical inventions of James Watt
Traité complet de mecanique appliquée aux arts
The abortion of the young steam engineer's guide
Traité de cinématique (mécanique appliquée aux machines, au point de vue géométrique) ou théorie des mécanismes
Treatise on the steam engine, historical, practical and descriptive
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Time of publication 1962

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