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Emmanuel, David (1854 - 1941)

Romanian mathematician and physicist

Born in Bucharest as son of a carpenter, he have studied at high school earning money by coaching. Also, with such money he went at Paris being graduate in mathematics in 1876 and in physics in 1877. In 1879 he has defended his Ph. D. thesis in mathematics, with a very interesting subject, having also a proposal to be a faculty member in Paris.
He has returned in Romania and started his prodigious didactic career, teaching at different schools, civilian or military.
At the Faculty of Sciences of Bucharest he was professor of superior algebra and theory of functions, almost half century (1882 - 1928) proofing an exceptionally didactical skill. In that time he published a very clear and systematic course (book) on Theory of Functions (2 volumes, in 1924 and 1927).
He was elected as honorary president of the Romanian Mathematicians First Congress (Cluj 1929) and honorary member of Romanian Academy (1936).
A mathematical historian G. S. Andonie have wrote: “All important Romanian mathematicians have recognized that their main works are based on the fundament of education on mathematics due to the great pedagogue David Emmanuel”. The same opinion have been expressed by the representatives of the 46 series of graduates in Engineering at the National School of Bridges and Highroads of Bucharest (from 1920 Polytechnic School).
David Emmanuel have sacrificed his own creative career in favor of teaching activity, and for modernizing the education in superior mathematics in Romania and for forming researchers in mathematics.
He have worked in many educational institutions teaching modern and high level courses.
The academician Gh. Mihoc considered that David Emmanuel is “the founder of modern mathematical school in our country”. He was also a man with a large classical and humanistic culture.
variant spelling:
Emmanuel, David
Curriculum vitae  
* 1854 Bucureşti, Romania born
1876 Paris Degree in mathematics
1877 Paris Degree in physics
1879 Bucureşti Ph.D.
1882 - 1928 Bucuresti Prefessor
† 1941 Bucureşti, Romania died
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
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