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Brown, Henry T. (? - 1906)

US-american patent agent

Brown was U.S. patent agent with good connections to Europe. During his tenure he was together with his business partner, the magazine "American Artisan - Manufacturer and Builder" out in the various patents have been published. In this context, he recognized the need to provide a summary overview of the possibilities of mechanical motion changes. His work "Five hundred and seven mechanical movements ..." was a huge success and experienced more than 20 editions in several languages.
variant spelling:
Brown, Henry T.
Curriculum vitae  
1850 Attorney's certificate
1864 New York Co-owner of the "American Artisan Patent Agency"
† 18.03.1906 died [assumption]
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
thumbnail of5009 507 Bewegungsmechanismen ; enthaltend die wichtigsten in der Dynamik, Hydraulik, Hydrostatik, Pneumatik, Dampfmaschinenlehre, dem Mühlenbau, den Pressen, der Uhrmacherkunst und verschiedenen anderen Maschinen vorkommenden Mechanismen
Author: Brown, Henry T.
Published: 1886
thumbnail of857009 Bewegungsmechanismen
Author: Brown, Henry T.
Published: 1925
no fulltext found Five hundred and seven mechanical movements, embracing all those which are most important in dynamics, hydraulics, hydrostatics, pneumatics, steam engines, mill and other gearing ... ; and including many movements never before published, and several which have only recently come into use.
Author: Brown, Henry T.
Published: 1868
thumbnail of17433009 507 mouvements mécaniques : Five hundred and seven mechanical movements | 507 mechanische Bewegungen
Author: Brown, Henry T.
Published: 1880
no fulltext found 507 mechanical movements ; mechanisms and devices
Author: Brown, Henry T.
Published: 2008
thumbnail of22963009 500 meccanismi
Author: Brown, Henry T.
Published: 1900
Secondary literature
no fulltext found Die Maschine ; Geschichte, Elemente, Funktion ; ein enzyklopädisches Sachbuch
Author: Strandh, Sigvard
Published: 1992
no fulltext found Franz Reuleaux - Contributions to 19th C. Kinematics and Theory of Machines, in: Applied mechanics reviews
Author: Moon, Francis S.
Published: 2003
no fulltext found Engineering and the mind's eye
Author: Ferguson, Eugene S.
Published: 1992
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