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Franz Reuleaux - Contributions to 19th C. Kinematics and Theory of Machines, in: Applied mechanics reviews

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General information

Author Moon, Francis S.
Published  2003
Extend  S. 261-285
Journal articles
2000 and later
Superordinate work
no fulltext found Applied mechanics reviews ; a critical review of the world literature in applied mechanics and related engineering science
Author: Moon, Francis S.; Bottema, Oene; Freudenstein, Ferdinand
Published: 1948 -
Linked items
Persons: Grübler, Martin (1851 - 1935)
Brown, Henry T. (? - 1906)
Burmester, Ludwig (1840 - 1927)
Čebyšev, Pafnutij L. (1821 - 1894)
Kennedy, Alexander Blackie William (1847 - 1928)
Leupold, Jakob (1674 - 1727)
Redtenbacher, Ferdinand (1809 - 1863)
Reuleaux, Franz (1829 - 1905)
Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519)
Willis, Robert (1800 - 1875)
Besson, Jacques (1510 - 1576)
Ramelli, Agostino (1531 - 1590)
Peaucellier, Charles Nicholas (1832 - 1913)
Watt, James (1736 - 1819)
Hachette, Jean N. (1769 - 1834)
Laboulaye, Charles Pierre Lefebvre (1813 - 1886)
Documents: Die Bewegungs-Mechanismen
Die ebene Bewegung, Hauptband
The kinematics of machinery
The Mechanics of Machinery
Codices Madrid
Theatrum machinarum
Le Diverse et Artificiose Machine ... Nellequali si contengono uarij et industriosi Mouimenti, degni digrandißima Speculatione, per cauarne beneficio infinito in ogni sorte d'operatione. Composta in lingua Italiana et Francese
Constructionslehre für den Maschinenbau
Principles of mechanism. Designed for the use of students in the universities, and for engineering students generally
Five hundred and seven mechanical movements, embracing all those which are most important in dynamics, hydraulics, hydrostatics, pneumatics, steam engines, mill and other gearing ...
Theatrum Machinarum Generale
Applied mechanics reviews
Theatrum instrumentorum et machinarum
Traité de cinématique (mécanique appliquée aux machines, au point de vue géométrique) ou théorie des mécanismes
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