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Cardano, Geronimo (1501 - 1576)

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Italian doctor, mathematician and natural scientist; name giver for various mechanisms

Cardano worked in the constitution phase of mechanics as a natural science. He described the already by Philo of Byzantium around 230 BC. mentioned and by Leonardo in 1500 drawn, but finally named after him gimbal mounting and cardan circles. The terms cardan shaft and cardan joint probably trace back to him falsely. Cardano was a great admirer of the works of Archimedes. As a mathematician, he worked on complex numbers, probability theory and equations of the third and fourth degree.
variant spelling:
Cardano, Geronimo; ; Cardan, Jérome; Cardani, Hieronymus; Cardano, Gerolamo; Cardano, Giralmo; Cardano, Girolamo; Cardano, Hieronimo; Cardano, Hieronymus; Cardanus, Girolamo; Cardanus, H.; Cardanus, Hier.; Cardanus, Hieronimus C.; Cardanus, Hieronymus; Cardanus, Hieronymus C.; Cardini, Hieronymus; Castellioneus, Hieronymus; Kardano, Dzhirolamo; Geronimo ; Giralmo ; Hieronymus ; Hieronymus ; Jérome ; Cardanus, Hieronymus ; Cardanus, Hieronimus Castellioneus; Cardanus, Hieronymus Castellioneus; Girolamo ; Cardan, Jérôme; Jérôme ; Cardan, Hierosme; Cardanus, Hierosme
Curriculum vitae  
* 24.09.1501 Pavia born
1534 - 1559 Mailand Professor of Mathematics at the University
1539 Mailand Member of the medical college at the University
1546 Mailand Rector of the medical college at the University
1552 Schottland medical treatment of the Archbishop
1559 - 1562 Pavia Professor of Medicine at the University
1562 - 1570 Bologna Professor of Medicine
1570 Rom Member of the medical college at the University
1570 - 1571 Imprisonment for heresy
1571 - 1576 Rom private scholar
† 20.09.1576 Rom died
? Saccolongo medical practice
Early modern times, ca. 1500-1780
thumbnail of589009 Hieronymi Cardani Medici Mediolanensis De substilitate libri XXI. Ad illustriss. Principem Ferrandum Gonzagam, Mediolanensis provinciae Praefectum...
Author: Cardano, Geronimo
Published: 1550
no fulltext found De rerum Varietate libri XVII. : ... accessit cap., rerum & sententiarum notatu dignissimarum index vamplissimus
Author: Cardano, Geronimo
Published: 1558
no fulltext found Hieronymi Cardani, Praestantissimi Mathematici, Philosophi, Ac Medici, Artis Magnae, Sive De Regvlis Algebraicis, Lib. unus : Qui & totius operis de Arithmetica, quod Opvs Perfectvm inscripsit, est in ordine Decimus
Author: Cardano, Geronimo
Published: 1545
no fulltext found Hieronymi Cardani Mediolanensis Philosoph ac Medici Celeberrimi Opera Omnia tam hactenus excusa...
Author: Cardano, Geronimo
Published: 1663
no fulltext found Hieronymi Cardani Mediolanensis, Civisqv'e Bononiensis, Philosophi, Medici Et Mathematici clarissimi, Opvs Novvm De Proportionibvs Nvmerorvm, Motvvm, Pondervm, Sonorvm, Aliarumqv'e Rervm mensurandarum, non solùm Geometrico more stabilitum, sed etiam uarijs experimentis & obseruationibus rerum in natura, solerti demonstratione illustratum ad multiplices usus accommodatum, & in V libros digestum. Praeterea. Artis Magnæ, Sive de Regvlis Algebraicis, Liber Vnvs, ... ab authore recens multis in locis recognitus & auctus. Item. De Aliza Regvla Liber, Hoc Est, Algebraicae logisticæ suæ, ... Opus Physicis [et] Mathematicis inprimis utile [et] necessarium
Author: Cardano, Geronimo
Published: 1570
Secondary literature
thumbnail of985009 Studienmaterial zur Vorlesung Geschichte der Technikwissenschaften/Maschinenwesen: Von den Anfängen bis zur Herausbildungsperiode (1850)
Author: Mauersberger, Klaus
Published: 1983
no fulltext found Biographien bedeutender Techniker, Ingenieure und Technikwissenschaftler ; Eine Sammlung von Biographien
Author: Wollgast, Siegfried (Ed.); Banse, Gerhard (Ed.)
Published: 1987
no fulltext found Girolamo Cardano : (1501 - 1576) ; Arzt, Naturphilosoph, Mathematiker, Astronom und Traumdeuter
Author: Fierz, Markus
Published: 1977
no fulltext found A history of mechanical inventions
Author: Usher, Abbott Payson
Published: 1988
no fulltext found Gelenke und Gelenkwellen. Berechnung, Gestaltung, Anwendungen
Author: Aucktor, Erich; Schmelz, Friedrich; Seherr-Thoss, Hans Christoph Graf von
Published: 2002
thumbnail of1570009 Beiträge zur Geschichte des Maschinenbaues
Author: Beck, Theodor
Published: 1899
no fulltext found Die Enkel des Archimedes ; Eine etwas andere Kulturgeschichte der Hebezeuge
Author: Barthel, Manfred
Published: 1995
no fulltext found Die Naturphilosophie in Girolamo Cardanos De subtilitate
Author: Schütze, Ingo
Published: 2000
no fulltext found Bildung und Wissenschaft im Zeitalter der Renaissance in Italien
Author: Olschki, Leonardo
Published: 1922
Other Works
Diese Abbildung zeigt anschaulich eine Darstellung des De rerum varietate libri xvii
Cardan circles generating ellipses with a fixed gear at oval woodturning
Production of exact ellipses with cardan circles according to the principle of the Italian Renaissance mathematician Gerolamo Cardano. It refers to two circles, one of which is exactly twice as large as the other, and where the smaller exactly rolls within the larger e.g. using a suitable gear.
Cardano, Geronimo
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