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Cartwright, Edmund (1743 - 1823)

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English inventor and entrepreneur; Cartwright invented an operational power loom

Cartwright was a typical English practitioner. Inspired by the success of the spinning machine of Arkwright and the chess machine of Kempelen he made the invention of a power loom to his task. He succeeded in constructing a first imperfect model, which in the aftermath of other inventors (Radcliffe, Storrocks, Horrocks, Lowell) was continuously improved. He did not see the general dissemination and application of the power loom, which took place from 1820. Cartwright also dealt with steam engines, the combing of wool, the manufacture of ropes and non-combustible materials.
variant spelling:
Cartwright, Edmund
Curriculum vitae  
* 24.04.1743 Marnham born
1779 - 1808 Goadby Marwood Country parson
1784 Cromford Visit of the spinning factory of Arkwright
1785 Doncaster Establishment of a spinning and weaving factory
1785 - 1788 Patents on a power loom
1786 - 1823 Lincoln Cathedral canon
1789 - 1801 Patents on a combing machine
1792 Patent on a machine for making ropes
1793 Doncaster Konkurs der Fabrik und Verlust des Vermögens
1797 Bankruptcy of the factory and loss of assets
1800 Patent for a linear guide
1809 London 10,000 pounds of Parliament recognition for services to the introduction of the power loom
† 30.10.1823 Hastings died
Early modern times, ca. 1500-1780
Industrial Revolution, ca. 1780-1850
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Cartwright, Edmund
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