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Selection of 15 interactive Animations showing historical patents

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This is an interactive animation which integrates 15 single models of historical patents. The interaction was designed for the use as media station during the an exhibition. See here for more information about the exhibition.


Click here to view the WebGL-animation.

Selected historical patents of the Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin
Linked items
Images: Media Station mit for an Exhibition about Historical Patents
Interactive animations: Door Lock according to Gaul (1844)
Windmill according to Hahn (1876)
Brick Press according to Beyerlein (1873)
Barrel Washing Machine according to Pohl (1877)
Difference Regulator with Friction Wheels and Helical Track according to Siemens (1845)
Difference Regulator with Worm Gear according to Siemens (1845)
Difference Regulator with Planetary Drive according to Siemens (1845)
Difference Regulator with Bevel Gear according to Siemens (1845)
Portable Step and Bridge Ladder, System Porta (1874)
Needle Eye Polishing Machine (1839)
Bottle Swing Top according to Dietrich (1875)
Armchair according to Ehling (1839)
Railroad Car Coupling according to Eichholz (1874)
Multiplication Maschine according to Priwitz (1869)
Universal Screw-Wrench according to Schwartzkopf (1862)
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