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Java runtime environment

What is Java and how can it be used?

The Java technology allows the implementation of smaller programs in web pages. (“Java-Applets”). Java is used on the DMG-Lib websites to play interactive animations. With the player it is possible to view and control interactive animations created from book illustrations and gear models.

Beispiel: Lenkergeradführung

In case Java is not available on your computer, it has to be installed.

How can I install Java on my computer?

Automated installation with Windows operating system

Several browsers amongst the Windows operating system offer an automated installation. Please use the following link in an Internet Explorer and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.
Installation for Internet Explorer with Windows

To install Java by using Firefox/Netscape/Mozilla click the Download-button on the following page next to the term Windows (XPI-Installation).
Installation for Firefox/Netscape/Mozilla with Windows

Manual installation

If you use a different operating system or browser, you have to install Java manually. Please use the following link and choose an operating system.
Manual Java installation

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