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Galilei, Galileo (1564 - 1642)

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Italian philosopher, mathematician, physicist and astronomer; Galilei is considered one of the founders of modern mechanics as a science

Galileo played a crucial role in the grounding of mechanism science as a natural science. Based on mechanics, he established and improved a scientific method of acquiring knowledge. Here the systematic monitoring of mechanical actions followed the recognition of quantifiable variables, the empirical analysis and decomposition of the problem, replacing the mechanical process by a mathematical model, the deductive derivation of a hypothesis and its experimental verification, which may brought a new modified approach. It was Galilei who made the experiment an empirical basis of science and technology and a test field of scientific theories, at the same time he brought a calculative element into mechanics. Galilei's contribution to the beam deflection can be considered as a justification of the theory of elasticity.
variant spelling:
Galilei, Galileo; ; Galilaeus, ...; Galilaeus, Gal.; Galilaeus, Galilaeus; Galilaeus, Galileo; Galilaeus, Galileus; Galilaei, Galileo; Galilaei, Galilaeus; Galilee, Galileo; Galilei, G.; Galilei, Galileus; Galileio, Galileus; Galilej, Galileo; Galileo, Galileo; Galileus, Galileus; Gallilaeus, Gallilaeus; Galilée; Galileo; Galileo Galilei; Galileus; Ronchitti, Cecco di; Mauri, Alimberto; Ch'ieh-li-lüeh; Jialilüe; Chia-li-lai, Ch'ieh-li-lüeh; Galilei, Galiläo; Galilée, ...; Galilej; Galilaeis, Galilaeus de
Curriculum vitae  
* 15.02.1564 Pisa born
1589 - 1592 Pisa Professor of Mathematics at the University
1592 - 1610 Padua Professor of Mathematics at the University
1610 - 1633 Florenz Mathematicians in the service of the Grand Duke of Tuscany
1611 Rom Member of the "Accademia dei Lincei"
1621 Florenz Consul of the academy
1633 Rom Defendant of the Inquisition
1633 Florenz-Arcetri Outcast of the Inquisition
† 08.01.1642 Florenz-Arcetri died
Early modern times, ca. 1500-1780
thumbnail of621009 De motu antiquiora
Author: Galilei, Galileo
Published: 1590
no fulltext found Dialogo sopra i due massimi sistemi.
Author: Galilei, Galileo
Published: 1632
thumbnail of623009 Discorsi e dimostrazioni intorno a due nuove scienze
Author: Galilei, Galileo
Published: 1638
no fulltext found Les mechaniques de Galilee mathematicien et ingenieur du Duc de Florence.
Author: Galilei, Galileo
Published: 1634
no fulltext found Le mechaniche.
Author: Galilei, Galileo
Published: 1593
no fulltext found Galileus his mechanicks, in: Mathematical collections and translations - the second tome: in two parts· The first part, containing, I. Galileus Galileus his mathematical discourses and demonstrations, touching two new sciences, pertaining to the mechanicks and local motions -
Author: Galilei, Galileo
Published: 1665
thumbnail of5718009 Dialogues Concerninc Two New Sciences
Author: Galilei, Galileo
Published: 1914
thumbnail of27521009 Le operazioni del compasso geometrico e militare
Author: Galilei, Galileo
Published: 1606
Secondary literature
thumbnail of74009 Die Erforschung der Schwere durch Galilei, Huygens, Newton als Grundlage der rationellen Kinematik und Dynamik ; historisch-didaktisch
Author: Henrici, Julius
Published: 1885
thumbnail of985009 Studienmaterial zur Vorlesung Geschichte der Technikwissenschaften/Maschinenwesen: Von den Anfängen bis zur Herausbildungsperiode (1850)
Author: Mauersberger, Klaus
Published: 1983
thumbnail of984009 Die Herausbildung der technischen Mechanik und ihr Anteil bei der Verwissenschaftlichung des Maschinenwesens, in: Dresdener Beiträge zur Geschichte der Technikwissenschaften
Author: Mauersberger, Klaus
Published: 1980
thumbnail of1038009 Zur Entwicklung des Experimentalwesens in den Technikwissenschaften mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Materialprüfung innerhalb des wissenschaftlichen Maschinenwesens, in: Dresdener Beiträge zur Geschichte der Technikwissenschaften
Author: Mauersberger, Klaus
Published: 1984
no fulltext found Geschichte der mechanischen Prinzipien und ihrer wichtigsten Anwendungen
Author: Szabo, Istvan
Published: 1987
no fulltext found A history of mechanical inventions
Author: Usher, Abbott Payson
Published: 1988
no fulltext found From kinematically generated Curves to instantaneous invariants: episodes in the history of instantaneous planar kinematics, in: Mechanism and machine theory : tmm
Author: Koetsier, Teun
Published: 1986
no fulltext found Technik : eine Geschichte ihrer Probleme
Author: Klemm, Friedrich
Published: 1954
no fulltext found Elementare Mechanik vom höheren Standpunkt
Author: Föppl, Ludwig
Published: 1959
no fulltext found Die Mechanisierung des Weltbildes
Author: Dijksterhuis, Eduard Jan
Published: 1956
no fulltext found Galileo Galilei
Author: Schütz, Wilhelm; Schmutzer, Ernst
Published: 1981
no fulltext found Die Entwicklung der Zahnrad-Technik ; Zahnformen und Tragfähigkeitsberechnungen
Author: Seherr-Thoss, Hans Christoph Graf von
Published: 1965
thumbnail of5715009 Proceedings of Twelfth World Congress in Mechanism and Machine Science: Renaissance of Machines in Italy - from Brunelleschi to Galilei through Francesco di Giorgio and Leonardo
Author: Ceccarelli, Marco
Published: 2007
no fulltext found Mechanics in sixteenth-century Italy ; Selections from Tartaglia, Benedetti, Guido Ubaldo & Galileo
Author: Drabkin, Israel Edward; Drake, Stillman
Published: 1969
no fulltext found Die Mechanik in ihrer Entwicklung historisch-kritisch dargestellt
Author: Mach, Ernst
Published: 1921
no fulltext found Vorlesungen zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der Mechanik
Author: Fierz, Markus
Published: 1972
no fulltext found Galilei und seine Zeit
Author: Olschki, Leonardo
Published: 1927
no fulltext found La théorie des machines au XVIe siècle - Niccolo Tartaglia, Guidobaldo del Monte, Galileo Galilei, in: Corpus : revue de philosophie
Author: Koetsier, Teun
Published: 2001
Galilei, Galileo (1564 - 1642)
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Galilei, Galileo (1564 - 1642)
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