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Frequently asked questions

Is the access to DMG-Lib content free of charge?

Yes, the access to the current content as well as certain future extensions is free of charge. Nevertheless caused by the necessity to pay running expenses special services provided later may be with costs.

Are there other digital libraries in the field of mechanisms and gears?

Yes, there are some of those digital libraries. They often differ strongly in the amount of the provided content and the accessability.

KMODDL (Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library)Large collection of Reuleaux models, a couple of books and other information objects.
Pictures of mechanisms and biographies of engineers at Bauman Moscow State Technical UniversityAt the moment (june 2007) the texts are written in Russian only.
Taiwan's Antique Mechanism Teaching Models Digital MuseumSeveral collections incl. videos and CAD-files
National Cheng Kung University CollectionReuleaux models
National Taiwan University CollectionReuleaux models
National Taipei University of Technology CollectionReuleaux models
Brock Institute for Advanced Studiesmechanism models represented by java applets

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