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Language selection

Supported Languages

Contents written in various languages is stored in DMG-Lib. Indenpendent of that the DMG-Lib portal supports following languages:


Preselection of Languages in the Browser

Usually it is possible to select in the browsers the preferred languages for displaying web pages.

Example for Firefox 6

In Firefox the selection of preferred languages can be started in the dialog for the preferences of the content.

To add further languages you have first to select the language and then to click "Add".

If there are more than one languages in the list then it is possible to give a language a higher priority by moving it up. Selection as well as order of the languages are used in the DMG-Lib portal as far as possible. If a text is not available in the preferred language, then the second-best language is used for this text. In this case you will get a web page with mixture of languages.

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